“The more you give, the more you get” this statement underpins everything we do at Mullane and we count ourselves particularly fortunate that we are able to give more than most. The Mullane Foundation was set up to formalise our giving to the community and to inspire us to contribute to those less fortunate in a structured, effective way. Every year part of our profits goes directly back into communities that need it most.

The founding principle of our foundation is that we truly believe in our good fortune to have built a business around the provision of clean water, sanitary drainage, shelter (roofing) and electricity.

We also truly believe that we are incredibly fortunate to live in a society that largely takes these precious commodities for granted.

We are determined to give back to communities that never take these things for granted. Our mission is to provide hands on support to locals in communities without basic infrastructure to build and maintain facilities that provide clean water, effective sewage disposal, roofing or electricity.

We do this by funding projects in which our people are happy to donate their labour so that the giving of all parties is amplified for the benefit of the recipient and the participants.

If there is any project in your local community you think we can help you with, please contact us. We love helping our friends in need.